Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The World Changed

When radio became popular in the middle of the 1920's, the world changed. Staid marketers like Sears, Roebuck latched onto the new trend and remade themselves as the foremost purveyors of the new fad.

Have your teenaged friends over for a dance party, right in your own living room! Mom will feed the hungry crowd, and Dad will try to read his newspaper, but won't be able to resist tapping his toe to the music.

Special thanks to Radio material collector Steve Davis, for these images from his collection. [We Photoshopped them a bit to restore them to their original state.] Steve adds, "This Sears catalog was the first Sears radio-specific catalog, family and socially oriented. Earlier catalogs were electrical appliance catalogs, with radios in them." For more Radio material, try the site.

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